Building sites

The first site I built was for our trucking company “Regatta Transportation” and was a very steep curve. From functionality and appearance to navigation and coding integrity. I had to research all aspects of a website, hosting, domain name, social media friendly (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn) building it with what programs, designing, text, images, graphics, should it have comments, a forum, form submittal, video, or have animation, slide show, photo gallery some flash to give it some flare,

and then of course what languages to code it all in.

Client side coding:

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Java, JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX

Server side coding:

  • PHP (open source)
  • ASP (Microsoft proprietary)
  • ActiveVFP (open source)
  • CSP, Server-Side ANSI C
  • ColdFusion (Adobe proprietary, formerly Macromedia, formerly Allaire)
  • CGI
  • Erlang, with Linux, Yaws, Mnesia, Erlang (LYME) solution stack
  • Groovy (programming language) Grails (framework)
  • Java, e.g. Java EE or WebObjects
  • Scala
  • Lotus Domino
  • Node.js
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Real Studio Web Edition
  • .NET
  • Ruby, e.g. Ruby on Rails (open source)
  • Smalltalk e.g. Seaside, AIDA/Web
  • SSJS Server-Side JavaScript
  • WebDNA (WSC proprietary)
  • Websphere (IBM proprietary)

I needed to decide on a “Domain Name” and see if it was taken or not, then get it registered.

I needed to get a hosting account for the website. ( a parking space on the internet computer servers)

I found out I needed to decide on Windows or Linux hosting and what type of hosting,  shared/virtual/dedicated.

Decided that, Wow learned I’m going to be using an Engine called “Apache” learned some of it’s in/outs. Much like Windows is the operating system for Microsoft. The Apache Engine is what runs all the server-side code on the “Linux” internet server computers that runs the website I am building!

Which hosting company out there are good, ok,  or bad! Prices are widely different depending on what type of server you’ll need to run the different languages (code) you want to use for functionality on the website now or in the future. Another factor is the type of bandwidth(traffic) you expect now and with future growth.

Another important question for hosting companies is their uptime with your website and security against hackers. Also, their support help teams, will you have to wait on the phone for hours before talking to …oops the wrong department!

If your web site is hacked it’s up to you to fix it! It might be shut down if unnoticed by you! oh sorry there isn’t a button to click and clean the website, ok, found that out.

(Injection Attack – Cross Site Scripting – Broken Authentication and Session Management Attacks – Clickjacking – DNS Cache Poisoning – Social Engineering Attacks – Symlinking – Cross Site Request Forgery Attack – Remote Code Execution Attack – DoS/DDoS Attack – Sniffing – Spoofing – Viruses – Worms – Back Doors – Trojan Horses – Keyloggers – Brute Forcing – Phishing – Whaling – Cookie Stealing).

Next, I needed to decide if I needed a database for different functions or records.

Database technology:

  • MySQL
  • DB2 (IBM proprietary)
  • Firebird
  • Apache Derby
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • Sybase
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB
  • FileMaker
  • WebDNA

Finally deciding on how much money to spend on everything, (including needed software)

  • photos (like Photoshop)
  • coding (html & other editors)
  • FTP (uploading files to internet)
  • database software  (for MySQL)
  • testing debugging
  • basic WYSIWYG (site builders)
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • Stand-alone add on’s
  • Marketing
  • Ads – banners
  • Promotions

oh yea, do I need to register my trademark name. ( $158 + $325 USPTO filing fee).

I need to think about Marketing, can I submit my site to all the search engines?

I need to optimize the site and every page, all the text, every graphic, every picture all the header tags and alt tags and keywords for each page. “SEO” (search engine optimizing) if I want to be found in a general search before page 50!

Could I build links back for Google Ratings? Could I list my website with all the company listing sites and local listings like community areas? Could I build a social present like Facebook, Twitter etc?  Write articles, Post blogs.

I’m sure I left something out, but this gives you an idea of what is evolved.

I had no idea how much the internet would evolve and grow and change from the time that I started 2000-2001.

Mobile internet is very important now and site-building standards changing and evolving increasingly.

I know college people that learned so much and 2-3 years later most of that is outdated!  All the coding languages change and are upgraded regularly, some several times a year. Some older code will not even run. “Adobe-Flash” use to be the finest websites but, now unless enabled by the end user will not run! Like home computers, anyone out there using an old computer 8087! (remember those w/500k ram) 3.5 drive or 5.25 floppy, 10 meg hard drive ..yea I’m that old!

I haven’t had time to update one old “HTML 4” site, but it is very simple and fits the purpose of the client and displays fine. Many sites are just a presence on the internet for purposes of being able to be found for physical address/phone and have no functionality (database-comments-testimonials-forums-users-products-ecommerce-online_sales-galleries-social_enteraction). No one uses the phone book now! or yellow pages. yea I’m that old. ha!

I’m venturing into “CMS” websites “content management systems[core]” now and built a few demos that can be viewed on the “Jobs” page. They are responsive to any size like iPad and all different phone dimensions!

I’m enjoying new challenges with everything that comes out new and the possibilities are amazing that can be done today with websites and all the creative energy you have to bring together!



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