If you’re having Problems and need help!

If your website is not displaying right or you cannot access the backend or not able to get your emails from your website.

Sometimes problems are with your computer or browser or email or connection.

or if it’s a Virus or Malware problem.

I can look at your situation first hand from my computer to yours with TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is a safe and widely used support tool that lets two people connect to remotely work on a computer while you watch live everything that’s being done. Each person can terminate the connection at any time.
With you on the phone and me remotely controlling your computer. I can ask questions and try to solve problems.

To start.. call me 417-793-7658

Click on the TeamViewer icon and download the “TeamViewer Quick Support”  and run the file.

then give me the remote access code in the window and we will begin.


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