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Hi there! I'm a retired small trucking company and diner owner that likes to create websites and have been for 14 years. Also, I'm a sailboat enthusiast and enjoy the US & British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. So many islands to visit and see and so little time to enjoy.

I've done a variety of websites - several Trucking Companies - Restaurants - Country Music Artists - Classified Ads website in Spanish - Jobs Website - Martial Arts Fight shop - Brokerage website - Pest Control - Car Dealership - Personal Business and Crafts websites - Online stores and shopping - and Restricted Access Information sites.

If you have wanted and needed a website, but just can't afford the mainstream large companies that charge $2,000 - 10,000+ and also charge $39 - $100 monthly to maintain it and many of them never talk to you on the phone, a lot don't even speak English(all email), give me a call or drop an email! We can go over your needs and desires or just come by the home/office and we can chat. I have done large $$$ CMS sites and several small websites for $500 and $10-$15month maintenance

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