'E.T. & Me', Collectible 45 Record

Hit Record Turns 25 in 2007 'We Called Him E.T.'

      In 1982 Tom wrote and recorded 'We Called Him E.T.'  The red vinyl 45 R.P.M. single
reached #
1 in many cities in America, and also played on radio stations in Canada and Great Britain.

   There are some original records still in their jackets from 1982 in mint condition.

The original will be packaged with your choice of C.D. or cassette made from the 1982 master recording in Nashville, TN  The C.D. and cassette feature two songs, 'We Called Him E.T.'
 a.k.a. 'E.T. & Me'  and the never before released 'Best Friends with E.T.'.

C.D. 'E.T. & Me', songs
The Orange Frisbee Record
Tom Wayne  Live on Stage

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The Original Frisbee Record Turns 20 Years Old!

     In 1986 Tom Wayne wrote a song called "The Frisbee Record" cleared it with Wham-O, Inc. (the makers of Frisbee) went to Nashville and made the recording.

In early 2002 a numbered and autographed copy of the Frisbee Record sold for more than $50.oo on ebay.

The Frisbee Record, orange
The Orange Frisbee Record, Autographed
'E.T. & Me', songs, C.D. Cover
'E.T. & Me', Collectible 45 Sleeve
'E.T. & Me', songs, C.D. Cover
E.T. songs on cassette, front
E.T. songs on cassette, back

Cassette Tape


The Firsbee Record, blue
The Firsbee Record, orange
The Firsbee Record, blue

45 Record

45 Record Sleeve